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Richard FreitagMeet Our Founder & President

Richard Freitag is President and founder of IFM Group, Inc. Mr. Freitag launched IFM Group in 1992 when, after his extensive experience both as a business manager and as a management consultant, he recognized a void in how most consultants were addressing executive and director compensation and benefits. Very few firms could balance their consulting advice and technical capabilities with years of practical hands-on experience running profitable businesses. This presented an opportunity for IFM Group to launch a decidedly new approach to advising Boards of Directors and CEOs in the critical areas of matching compensation strategies and benefits design with business goals and objectives.

IFM Group’s professionals bring to our clients more than four decades of identifying and implementing practical solutions that derive from a unique set of skills, expertise in plan design, implementation, peer group analysis, and benchmarking. The firm advises its clients how to most effectively develop compensation structures which incent their organizations to grow revenues, manage costs and increase profits, while recognizing competitive standards and parameters, and the need to integrate all elements of executive and director compensation and benefit programs into a well-conceived and executed compensation strategy. In today’s world of transparency and shareholder activism in all areas related to compensation, the process and structure that IFM Group recommends to clients provides objective analytics and common sense approaches to attract and retain great management talent and effective Board leadership.

Prior to forming IFM Group in 1992, Mr. Freitag was the Regional Managing Partner for Consulting for the Northeast Region for KPMG, formerly Peat Marwick & Mitchell. As part of the firm’s executive management team, he held the positions of Partner-In-Charge of New Jersey Consulting and Partner-In-Charge of Compensation, Employee Benefits, and Investment Consulting. Mr. Freitag was also responsible for the industry consulting practices including Financial Institutions Consulting as well as all the functional practices. In his role as the Client Consulting Partner for a number of major Fortune 1000 clients, Mr. Freitag led major consulting projects; he also traveled internationally for KPMG as the senior partner for a number of assignments involving large multinational companies.

Prior to his sixteen years at KPMG, Mr. Freitag spent fourteen years with CIGNA Insurance in leadership positions involving the investment, design, funding, operation, and marketing of various types of retirement plans, deferred compensation programs, group insurance, managed care benefits and executive insurance plans.

Mr. Freitag is a graduate of Rutgers University and is a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA), World at Work (previously known as the American Compensation Association), and the National Association of Corporate Directors. He is a frequent speaker on topics related to compensation structures for public and private corporations, managing shareholder activism and the linkages between business strategy, pay-for-performance and shareholder value. IFM Group is an Associate Member of the New Jersey Bankers Association.

IFM Group Services

Some IFM Group expert services include:

  • Performance evaluation and objective setting programs and the associated forms, guides and coaching manuals.

  • Development of salary structures and salary administration processes.

  • Insurance-based and non insurance based non-qualified executive and director supplemental retirement programs and supplemental benefit plans and their associated record keeping.
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