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IFM GROUP - A Premier Consulting Firm Specializing in
Executive & Director Compensation

IFM Group, Inc., is an independent and well-known New Jersey compensation consulting firm, with a specialty in financial institutions, and is a long time member of the NJBA and its predecessor association, the NJLCB. IFM Group has a full library of public and proprietary specialized compensation data bases and peer information for use in their compensation and benefit consulting.

Whether we are retained by company management or the compensation committee or board of directors of an organization, our extensive hands-on prior experience in managing businesses as well as years of experience in every aspect of compensation, qualified and non-qualified plan design, funding and investment, executive and director benefits, insurance, and employee benefit program design, and importantly, the effective integration of those programs, help insure that our clients are given knowledgeable advice and that our client’s consulting experience is both cost-effective and valuable.

Our consultants can quickly and cost effectively review your current executive and director compensation plans and identify what’s working well and where adjustments could and should be made to align with current and likely future economic and regulatory realities.
IFM Group recognizes that most compensation committees and boards of directors are not knowledgeable about competitive compensation practices and parameters, yet they have the obligation and liability of determining compensation for themselves as well as the senior officers of the organization.

IFM Group has developed a very disciplined approach and methodology to help boards meet those needs and to educate them through gathering data on competitive practices, base-line standards, and approaches now being used in other similar organizations to compensate their key executives, and presenting the results in a fashion which educates, documents, and validates compensation strategy and compensation components for the individuals being benchmarked.

We utilize several national and regional compensation databases as well as publicly available proxies and documents, our own sources as applicable, and our knowledge gained from our work with clients , particularly in New Jersey and the Northeast, to review and benchmark both annual salary and total cash compensation for each position. The process compares competitive salary and total cash compensation information for each position with the existing level of salary and incentive compensation, as applicable, in dollar terms and percentage, as well as detailing equity allocations and awards, deferred compensation arrangements, and employment contract prevalence and provisions.

Our report methodology, proprietary, is particularly useful as it summarizes results in an easy to understand manner, yet unlike many other consulting firms develops a customized peer group of similar companies, and fully documents the data and each work-step used in developing the final conclusions and recommendations, thereby permitting both process and data used to be understood and validated and to serve as an educational tool.

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Meet Richard Freitag

Richard FreitagRichard Freitag is President & founder of IFM Group, Inc.

Mr. Freitag created IFM Group in 1992 when, after his extensive experience both as a business manager and as a management consultant, he recognized a void in the marketplace. He noted that few firms could balance their consulting advice and counsel with years of practical hands-on experience running profitable businesses.

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Case Studies

Recent engagements for New Jersey financial institutions have included:

  • Benchmarking the base salary, total cash, non-cash and total overall compensation for each officer and director position as compared to a bank’s peer institutions and IFM Group’s data bases.

  • Redesign of a bank’s short term cash incentive compensation plan.

  • Critical assessment of senior executive compensation programs.
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expertise spans many functional areas and includes assignments involving:

  • Benchmarking, peer and competitive analysis, and developing recommended compensation levels and structuring compensation for executives and directors.

  • Pay-for-performance cash incentive and capital accumulation/stock program development for executives and directors.

  • Development of Compensation Committee Charters and SEC required CD&A and proxy material and disclosures regarding compensation for named officers.

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